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jiffy n : a very short time (as the time it takes the eye blink or the heart to beat); "if I had the chance I'd do it in a flash" [syn: blink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, instant, split second, trice, twinkling, wink, New York minute]

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jiffy (plural jiffies)
  1. A very short, unspecified length of time.
    I'll be back in a jiffy.
  2. A unit of time defined by the frequency of its basic timer; historically, and by convention, 0.01 seconds, but some operating systems use other values.
  3. The time taken for light to travel one centimetre in a vacuum (sometimes one foot, or sometimes the width of a nucleon)
  4. The time between alternating current power cycles (1/60 or 1/50 of a second)
  1. A line of baking mixes manufactured by the Chelsea Milling Company



short length of time
  • French: instant, moment, seconde
  • German: Moment, Augenblick
  • Italian: attimo
  • Norwegian: straks, øyeblikk
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Jiffy can refer to:
  • Jiffy (time), one of several different very short periods of time
  • "JIFFY", a line of baking mixes manufactured by the Chelsea Milling Company
  • Sealed Air Corporation, a packaging company originally called Jiffy
  • "Jiffy lemons" - the plastic lemon-shaped containers used to package Jif (lemon juice)

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breath, breathing, coup, crack, flash, half a jiffy, half a mo, half a second, half a shake, instant, jiff, microsecond, millisecond, minute, moment, sec, second, shake, split second, stroke, tick, trice, twink, twinkle, twinkling, twitch, two shakes, wink
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